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NLP Hypnosis Centre
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London, Ontario

LondonHypnosisTraining.ca -- Services and Training in English.
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Hipnosis.ca -- Blog in Spanish.
CentrodeHipnosisProfesional -- Services and Training in Spanish.

Consulting Hypnotism.
Conversational Hypnosis.
Mindfulness Meditation.
Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).
Ho’oponopono, the power of awareness, love and forgiveness. 

Self-Hypnosis Training.
Learn Hypnosis in 3 days. Basic Hypnosis.
Advanced Hypnosis.
NGH Hypnotism Certification. Professional Hypnosis Certification.
Hypnosis and Relaxation.
Hypnosis and Motivation.
Hypnosis and Learning.
Hypnosis  and Meditation.

Hypnosis Training and NGH Hypnotism Certification available online, at our office or your home or business (we follow Ontario's regulations). Also available totally private, one-on-one Hypnosis Training and Hypnosis Certification.
More info please call 519-495-6405

At our office in 151B York Street, London, Ontario you can pay cash and/or with major Credit Card.

Online Payment:
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Our Guarantee. If yo do not experience hypnosis your session is FREE.

Our prices are per hour.

NLP Hypnosis Centre. Coronavirus(COVID-19) Update. 
All our services and training are now 100% online.
Always with the same quality and our guarantee.

Hourly Rate CAD$108+HST.

You save when you pay for 2, 3 or 4 hours in advance.
Normal Rate 2 hours, CAD$244.08.
Limited-time offer, 2 hours, CAD$223.74

Normal Rate 3 hours, CAD$366.12.
Limited-time offer, 3 hours, CAD$298.32

Normal Rate 4 hours, CAD$488.16.
Limited-time offer, 4 hours, CAD$366.12.

Please see below our VERY SPECIAL COVID-19 RATE.

Online Sessions. Hourly Rate

Special Rate. Limited-time. CAD$54+HST per hour.
Coronavirus(COVID-19) Special Rate.

This is a special rate, for limited time, to help our clients
during the Coronavirus(COVID-19) Pandemic.

Special Rate. COVID-19

Our Hypnotism Certification is 100 hours, 80 in-person, 20 course work and online training.
COVID-19 UPDATE. The NGH Hypnotism Professional Certification is now available online, as distance training via Zoom
Curriculum approved by NGH. Taught by Olivier Hidalgo, NGH Certified Trainer. Your regular investment is $2,500 includes all training materials and taxes, membership for one year. All at a cost of $25/hour which is very inexpensive for a Professional Training.

Now, for a limited time, we have reduced the price to:

Includes all materials, exam and membership for year.

Also includes a FULL FREE 1 Year Web Hosting and Domain Registration for 1 year with MicrosolutionsConsulting.com.

Online Self-Hypnosis Training.